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Our Mission

At Sylvana, we’re on a mission

to unlock your company's potential. 

We blend expertise in analytics, blockchain, and marketing to forge meaningful change.

With data-driven insights, we fuel impactful marketing strategies, and through blockchain, we elevate our partners' efficiency to new heights.

Insight, Impact, Innovation

Pioneering the Future Together

Our Team

At the heart of Sylvana is our dedicated team,

where each member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across the healthcare, advertising & technological sectors.

Versed in the intricacies of vastly different industries and drawing from expertise in analytics, blockchain & strategic marketing,

we're united by our commitment

to delivering solutions.

Our Story

Sylvana's inception is rooted in transforming

the way companies approach challenges.


Recognizing the immense potential of analytics

& the revolutionary capabilities of blockchain

in industries like healthcare, Sylvana emerged

as a beacon for innovation and precision.

Through our partnerships with industry leaders,

we've remained committed to constant learning,

pushing limitations, and our vision of a more

efficient, transparent, and innovative industry.

Unlock your
company's potential.

Let's Connect


US | 628 Seaman Drive

Florence, NJ 08518

PL | ul. Marszalkowska 126/134

Office 288, 00-008 Warsaw

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